Market Research   United Water Supply Company Of Georgia
Consulting Services, Communal Infrastructure
Deadline:                                         Aug 18, 2017
Country:                                              Georgia
Program "Communal Infrastructure for Environment and Tourism"
Ref. No.: INPRO 40008
Project Measures:
The program “Communal Infrastructure for Environment and Tourism” intends to support selected Georgian municipalities to rehabilitate / implement environmentally friendly communal infrastructure. The program is based on a holistic approach that considers not only water and wastewater infrastructure but also includes other communal infrastructure elements. It aims to improve the communal service provision of the population in an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, sustainable and efficient manner.

Requested Services:

The program will be prepared by two separate concept and feasibility studies (Lot a and Lot b). The objective of the studies is to develop concepts to improve the communal infrastructure in the selected municipalities in the  Imereti Region (Lot a) and  Kazbegi Region (Lot b).