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Prequalification Notice of the Project Energy Efficiency Measures and Approach to EU-Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings


Country: Georgia

Employer: Municipality of Batumi

Project: Energy Efficiency Measures and Approach to EU-Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings

Funding Source: German Financial Cooperation

Grant No.: BMZ-No. 2017 68 696

Contracts: Contracts 1 - 4

KfW Procurement No.: 509062

Type of Notice: Prequalification Notice

Issued on: 12 December 2022

Deadline: 24 January 2023


1. The Municipality of Batumi has received financing from KfW Development Bank and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the project “Energy Efficiency Measures and Approach to EU-Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings”. The overall objective of the project is to improve the energy efficiency performance, to ensure sustainable structures and to improve comfort conditions for users in selected kindergartens. Future energy savings will contribute to reduced greenhouse emissions and to sustainable development in Batumi.


2. The Municipality of Batumi now intends to prequalify Applicants for construction works of 12 kindergartens allocated into four (4) separate Contracts located within the city centre of Batumi. Construction works comprise of the energy-efficient rehabilitation and modernization of the kindergartens, amongst others the increase of structural integrity, energy efficiency, and basic comfort. Applicants are permitted to apply for individual, several, or all Contracts. 


For purposes of establishing an Applicant’s eligibility and qualification, Applicants must demonstrate that they substantially satisfy, among others, the following minimum requirements:


a) Not been declared ineligible by KfW, and/or not subject to sanction from either Germany, the European Union or the United Nations in accordance with the lists of exclusion established by these institutions regarding fight against terrorism;

b) No conflicts of interest;

c) Non-performance of a contract did not occur as a result of Applicant’s default as a prime contractor, joint venture member or subcontractor within the last five (5) years;

d) Not under suspension based on execution of Bid Securing Declaration;

e) Soundness of Applicant’s financial position through submission of audited financial statements for the last five (5) years;

f) Construction Experience within the last ten (10) years including installation of energy efficient heating systems, thermal façade insulation, energy-efficient windows, doors or sunshades, and electrical works and installations in buildings;

g) ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate.


It is expected that the Invitation for Bids for prequalified Bidders of Contract 1 will be made in Spring 2023. Tentative commencement of the construction works is summer/autumn 2023.


3. Prequalification will be conducted in accordance with the procedures as specified in KfW Development Bank’s “Guidelines for Procurement of Consulting Services, Works, Plant, Goods, and Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partners Countries” (available on KfW’s website1 ) and is open to all eligible Applicants as defined therein.


4. Interested eligible Applicants may obtain further information from the Municipality of Batumi during office hours, at the contacts below. A complete set of the Prequalification Document in English may be obtained electronically in PDF format free of charge by interested Applicants upon submission of a written application to the following e-mail address:


Ms. Rusudan Zhozhadze

Head of Municipality Policy Department 


The written application shall be accompanied by a cover letter clearly stating the company name, country of domicile and contact details.


Applications for prequalification should be submitted predominately in English language to the address below either by mail or by hand in clearly marked and sealed envelopes by 12:00 (noon) GMT+4 on 24 January 2023. Upon submission, the time and date of submission will be officially recorded.


1 (one) original, 2 (two) hard copies and 1 (one) scanned electronic copy in PDF format addressed to:


Municipality of Batumi

Batumi City Hall

25 Luka Asatiani Str.

Batumi 6010



The submission of the original Application is decisive. The time of receipt of the original documents at the Municipality of Batumi will prevail. Late Applications will be rejected and returned unopened.


Batumi, December 2




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