Market Research   LTD “Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia”






Tender for construction works                          Deadline: 21 February 2023

13.00 UK time (17:00 Tbilisi Time)



Partner Country: Georgia


Name of the project: Kvemo Kartli Solid Waste Project


Georgia: Construction Of New Landfill (Including Buildings And Structures)






Name and address of Employer:


LTD “Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia” (SWMCG), N14. A. Politkovskaia, 0186 Tbilisi, Georgia


Application submission details: 


Tender documents can be obtained only electronically on the link indicated below. The application as well as all correspondence shall be in English, also electronically.

The Original Application shall be submitted only electronically on the link indicated below, no laterthan 21 February 2023, 13.00 UK time (17:00 Tbilisi Time). 


The opening of the Applications shall also be electronically through the EBRD E-procurement portal on the link indicated above


Description of the project:


The Project “Kvemo Kartli Solid Waste Project” aims to construct new regional non-hazardous waste landfill that will serve 5 municipalities (Marneuli, Dmanisi, Bolnisi Tsalka, Tetritskaro). 


Description of the Contract content:


In Tetritskaro Municipality, construction of a new non-hazardous waste landfill (2 cells) and all required infrastructure, including leachate treatment plant, landfill gas collection and access road of 1.8 km.